Project Paw Animal Rescue Initiative

Get involved by simply nominating your local shelter!

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Hello Animal lovers!

Prospect Farms’ ongoing animal rescue initiative Project Paw focuses specifically on helping rescue pets stay in their forever homes.

We all love to hear the success stories of adoptions, so many moments when new pet parents and animals head off to their new home excited and full of love… But it can also be QUITE a stressful time for all involved, especially for the animals.

The unfortunate reality is too many animals either end up staying in shelters for too long, or sadly end up returning to shelters due to difficult transitions and anxious behavior… behavior that could have easily been remedied and managed if shelters had the right resources to do so.

From this need, this gap in care for the betterment of all animals and pet owners, Project Paw was born.

Nominate your local shelter!

Each month we partner with a new shelter with the goal of...

  • Supporting nominated organizations who always put our furry friends first
  • Shining a spotlight on them for all of their amazing work
  • Supporting these incredible shelters by donating our “Welcome Home Packs”
  • Give shelters access to our Calming or Mobility Drops
  • Help these dogs feel more comfortable during both their time in the shelter as well as during their transition to their forever homes

Because even in the best of shelters... There's no place quite like a loving home.

Nominate Shelter

We built Prospect Farms for people that believe pets are family.

Because they are part of our family

And our family began by supporting our local shelter

We know firsthand that transitioning from a shelter to a loving home requires love and patience but is well worth the commitment. Richie, now Bixby, came to our family from Posh Pets Rescue in Long Beach, NY in April 2018 and we cannot imagine life without his spark of joy. 
"Richie" in search of his forever family
Bixby & Brad meet at Posh Pets
Bixby & his forever family

Hear how our tinctures have helped

“Our 9-year-old lab, Zoey, is petrified of thunderstorms. We tried everything: thunder shirt, lavender collar, doggie downers. Nothing worked.

Using the calm tincture daily has helped her tremendously. No more panic attacks with her heart racing. She is now peaceful and just finds a quiet place to ride out the storms.”

- Dina Schulz

“Initially, I heard about Prospect Farms through a fellow foster mom at a lab rescue in NC. We were discussing the struggles our senior dogs were having with arthritis...

...Prospect Farms Mobility oil allows her to be a little more comfortable. For that, I thank you!”

- Lisa Kinsey

Because in the end it's about ensuring our loved ones live their best lives through organically grown and consciously formulated wellness products